Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and you will find

Truer visions than you have seen

Close your ears so you may hear

Sounds more sweet than any told

Mold your lips as not to speak

The worldly things that you have learned

What lies beneath is greater than

All the things that you have earned


Life Is Light

Life is Light

Love is Being

Peace is found in the Shadow of the Valley

Understanding cannot be proven

Wisdom cannot be denied

World Within

A thunderstorm has come and gone.

It’s boisterous roaring knocking on doors and windows,

It’s rain covering the sky

Releasing all of your fear and confusion back onto you

You burn sage, to clear the energy

To make a way for the peace you know awaits you

Amid the clouds

To find your inner eye in the eye of the storm.

You breathe deeply

And suddenly there is no more rain

Just the quiet, still presence that has always existed

Within the world, within you.

The Race

Water races in torrents

challenging each other in odd-metered syncopation.

Thunder cheers them, charging them forward,

Beating his mighty drum, echoing his voice

Through houses and trees and spiderwebs alike.

Each droplet must find its own path to the earth,

Twisting and swirling,

Diving head-long into an unknown ending

Blissfully unaware of where it will land.

It is in the journey that she finds her freedom.

And birds that peer from behind bamboo leaves sing of her praises,

Watching the glorious descent from chaos

To the open arms of resigned peace.


Underneath the green earth she awakens

Sprouting in a cacophony of bursts and blasts,

Maneuvering her way through the darkness

Planting her roots in that which she cannot see

Having faith that one day she may break the surface

Pushing herself with determination and serenity

Into the light she knows exists above

Everything she needs to bloom

Is already within her

A potential unrealized

In a firm foundation

The Light

Fired by Faith and sustained through Patience

It is a Love that glows eternal.

Attracted to its fiery knowledge, many will never feel its glow

Only viewing at a distance.

Accustomed to the fires of the world that burn flesh religiously

They do not realize this fire heals,

Burning away the dead things

Until you are whole again.


Home is where the heart is.

My heart is fragmented

Each piece taken by the wind and scattered across the earth.

If I look hard enough,

or when I stop looking and open my chest

To allow my heart to find itself,

I sense the familiar in the unknown

And find comfort there

A million hearts beating as one.