Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and you will find Truer visions than you have seen Close your ears so you may hear … More

Life Is Light

Life is Light Love is Being Peace is found in the Shadow of the Valley Understanding cannot be proven Wisdom … More

World Within

A thunderstorm has come and gone. It’s boisterous roaring knocking on doors and windows, It’s rain covering the sky Releasing … More

The Race

Water races in torrents challenging each other in odd-metered syncopation. Thunder cheers them, charging them forward, Beating his mighty drum, … More


Underneath the green earth she awakens Sprouting in a cacophony of bursts and blasts, Maneuvering her way through the darkness … More

The Light

Fired by Faith and sustained through Patience It is a Love that glows eternal. Attracted to its fiery knowledge, many … More


Home is where the heart is. My heart is fragmented Each piece taken by the wind and scattered across the … More

The Fall of Creation

When creativity fails you And you cannot create the life you had hoped to live You cannot mold it with … More


Trying to run away from this world, I got lost in the thought of freedom. Escaping into darkness hidden in … More

The Heart

A flower that blooms not through coercion, But gentle touch. Enfeebled by Desire Strengthened by Truth Sustained through ever-evolving eternity … More